Opt for Zimbra Email Hosting Solutions for Better Functionality at Lower Costs


Zimbra email hosting is an enterprise class hosted solution that offers organizations better functionality and reliability for a seamless business communication.  Its superiority stems from the fact that Zimbra frees you from the major drawback of traditional email services that confined you to your office desks to view and respond to your emails. With Zimbra you can handle your schedules and answer to your mails from practically anywhere and with any internet enabled devices.  The good thing is that whatever activities you have carried out on the go reflects automatically in your desktop computer.
Zimbra email hosting provides organizations better security, flexibility, reliability and simplicity in managing their emails, contacts, calendars along with other important communication requirements.  This email solution incorporates a host of attractive features that makes document sharing and management on the go extremely easy and convenient. Additionally, it provides mobility and desktop synchronization to users on any machine.

This makes sharing and managing documents among other things very easy and convenient. Side by side, Zimbra email hosting solutions also offer desktop synchronization and higher levels of mobility to users on any machine.

In the following paragraphs we shall try to enumerate some of the more important features of Zimbra email hosting.

Affordable costs

Zimbra email hosting is an open source platform and its affordability is one of its greatest strengths.

Organizations are spared the trouble of making heavy investments in acquiring software and servers, licensing, co-location, internet, etc. There is no need for specialised equipment and you can get all the help you require in managing your email account from your service provider for an affordable fee.

Easy mail retrieval

Since it is locally archived, it is extremely easy to retrieve all your calendars, emails, contacts, etc whenever and from wherever you need it from popular email programs like Microsoft Outlook.  Organizations will have no trouble retrieving old emails from Microsoft Outlook, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange and other platforms.

Variety of access options

Zimbra email is easy to access and can be easily accessed practically from anywhere and with any Web browser provided you have an internet connection or an internet enabled device.  This makes it convenient for the users to access their emails, tasks, address book etc. from virtually any platform.

Shared mailboxes

Zimbra allows you to maintain shared mailboxes. The biggest advantage of it is that multiple staffs of your office can access the mails from specific inboxes from popular email programs like Microsoft Outlook.  The provision for shared calendars allows your workers to view and update each other’s calendars. This makes tracking of each other’s schedule easy and results in better worker productivity.

Browser based

Zimbra provides end users with a feature rich browser based Ajax interface that facilitates a seamless and safe connection to their personal clouds or any other device or platform. Features such as drag and drop, social conversation view, auto-filtering, etc enhances your email communication to a great extent and makes it extra productive means of communication for your business.

Robust data backup facility

One of the most important and endearing features of Zimbra is the strengthened backend support provided by it for business continuity. Quality service providers offer excellent data backup support allowing a business to quickly get back its emails and other business critical data in an event of service outages. This also ensures business continuity as employees can easily access their Zimbra accounts from their smart phones, tablets or home computers in the event of unexpected deletion or data loss on client’s own systems or mailboxes.

Robust spam and virus protection

It is a known fact that majority of viruses and spyware are unleashed through spam emails. Zimbra offers comprehensive protection from spam, viruses, malwares, worms, etc to keep your system and your communication safe and secure.


Email hosting in the simplest of terms is the type of hosting that runs email servers. In other words it is an internet hosting service that manages electronic messages through an email server. Despite the fact that social media is growing at an exceptionally fast pace, the truth remains that email is still the single largest and most important means of modern communication tools for both small and large businesses.

Your email bearing the suffix that point to your organizations name is a strong brand building tool. Every email message sent from your side bears your company’s name and acts as a strong reminding tool to people who receive these mails.

Zimbra is an open source platform that comes up with some attractive advantages like:

•    Cost effective
•    Easy user interface
•    Faster product maturation
•    User friendly with easy modification tools

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