Acne-free skin guaranteed – Use the Orgatre Organic Control Facial Serum…!!

Organic Acne Control Facial Serum

Happiness is a habit, so is skincare…!!”

The Orgatre Acne Control Facial Serum is an all-five-in-one organic essential oils and vitamins formulation that promises acne and blemish-free skin with negligible future breakouts and a natural-radiating glow.

Bestowed with the goodness of neem extracts, Tea Tree Oil, Bakuchiol, Salicylic Acid and niacinamide, the Orgatre Acne Control Face Serum is one of the best choices available in the market. A boon for people with oily skin, this anti-acne facial serum seeps deep into the pores addressing the issue at its core. It also protects the skin from free radical damage and other everyday skin pollutants.

An organic acne control facial serum performs the function of cleansing, stabilizing, and regenerating the facial skin. Blessed with antibacterial properties, the serum acts as a watch on the sebaceous glands, lessens the sebum secretion and the number of inflammatory protuberances.

Mode of action: The ingredients infused in the serum will alleviate the redness and skin irritation a little bit and then equalizes the procedure of skin exfoliation. The serum also possesses strong antifungal, anti-acne, and anti-inflammatory assets. It gradually smoothens your skin, acts on the skin radiance, nourishes and moisturizes it.

How to apply:

  • First and foremost, you have to thoroughly cleanse your skin and then apply a toner.
  • Thereafter, you have to apply a few drops of the organic acne control serum on your face and neck.
  • Then perform a gentle facial massage in a circular motion till the serum gets completely absorbed into the skin.

The newly devised Orgatre Acne Control Facial serum is a magical product that not only treats skin acne but also takes care of other skin problems. It contains the antibacterial neem, well known for fighting the visible ageing symptoms, and bacterial infections related with acne. Neem also promotes formation of collagen fibers which impart a younger, smoother and crystal-clear look to your skin.

Apart from neem as one of the main ingredients, the Orgatre Organic Acne Control serum is also enriched with other useful components as tea tree oil and Bakuchiol. Tea tree is endowed with anti-seditious and sterile properties which help in the reduction of acne-triggering bacteria. Bakuchiol has also been added in an adequate proportion as it contains antioxidants in abundance which acts on the free radical-producing cells. Further, it smoothens the blemishes, fine lines, scars and wrinkles and improves your skin texture.

Salicylic acid as well as niacinamide are one of the main ingredients infused in the Organic Acne Control Facial serum. This scientific formulation can generate wonders for the skin. Salicylic acid helps in cleansing the excess oil production in our skin as it controls the sebum secretions. It also acts on clogged pores and helps in preventing further skin breakouts. It also helps our skin in shedding the dead epidermal cells and in turn diminishes the inflammation and redness.

Niacinamide is also a key ingredient added to the serum for stabilizing the oil-producing cells which in turn, helps in treating the problem of hyperpigmentation and other signs of skin-ageing.

The Orgatre Organic Control Facial serum is worth the money you put in. It won’t be heavy on your budget, but for getting visible results, you have to use the serum for a minimum period of 2-3 months. It will definitely showcase gifted results in a short duration of time. And you will notice a gradual decrease in problems such as hyperpigmentation and your skin texture will improve automatically.

The product is free from any kind of toxins or harmful chemicals. It is purely organic and has been devised using the principle of cell-regeneration and the formation of structural components of the cell. Orgatre experts recommend a long-term usage of the product along with a combination of the Orgatre Organic 30 % Vitamin C foaming face wash and 30% Vitamin C face serum.

Patch Test:

Before applying the Orgatre Acne Control Facial Serum, you should conduct a patch test on your skin to prevent any kind of allergic reactions. The patch test is conducted as follows:

  • Select a part of your skin as your elbow or forearm.
  • Then apply a few drops of the serum and wait for at least a day.
  • If you do not find any side effects, you can go ahead and apply the serum on your face.
  • But, if you find any kind of itchiness, hives, rashes, inflammation, or redness, discontinue the use of the serum immediately.

The serum should be applied with clean hands at least twice a day. The Orgatre Acne Control Facial Serum has been developed under the provision of skin care experts. The product is purely organic and natural and doesn’t have any side effects. You can order the product easily from the company’s official website and the product will be delivered to you within 4-5 working days.

Customers have duly appreciated the product and reviews have been encouraging and optimistic.

Your cosmetic shelf is waiting for this enchanted acne control serum, so order it soon and feel the change…!!

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